Trainings and Presentations

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Presentations – Presentaciones

I have conducted trainings and presented on a variety of topics including:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Cross-Racial Relationships
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Embodied Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression
  • How to be An Anti-Racist Healer – For Clinicians
  • Mental/Emotional Health
  • Latinx Issues
  • Resilience
  • Self-Care
  • Social Work and Social Justice
  • The Impact of Trauma
  • Trauma Informed Care

He hecho entrenamientos y presentaciones sobre los siguientes temas:

  • Auto-Cuidado
  • Anti-Racismo y Anti-Opresión
  • Como Ser Un Terapeuta Anti-Racista
  • Competencia Cultural
  • El Impacto del Trauma
  • Intervenciones Enfocadas en el Trauma
  • Latinxs
  • Resilencia
  • Salud Mental/Emocional
  • Sanación Ancestral
  • Trabajo Social y Justicia Social
  • Unidad Transcultural

Most Recent Workshop Descriptions:

Title: Challenging The Norms of our Clinical Training by Centering Race and Oppression 

– WSU Clinical Psych Department 

This workshop will delve into how racism and oppression are part of the historical foundations and legacy of the field of psychology. We will explore how our individual and collective identities as clinicians manifest in the therapeutic relationship and therapeutic space often leading to re-traumatization of historically oppressed communities. We will cultivate strategies of self-awareness, embodiment, and distress tolerance in order to work towards our shared liberation and healing. 

Workshop Series – City of Seattle Department of Human Resources Learning & Developmental Unit 

Title: Trauma and Healing: A Holistic and Radical Approach 

This webinar will define individual, communal, intergenerational, historical, and racial trauma. It will explore ongoing impacts on the individual, communal and societal levels. As well as incorporate the impacts of COVID19 and the recent social uprisings. 

Title: Trauma Informed Responses and Resilience During a Global Pandemic

This webinar will discuss how to cultivate a radical trauma informed response. It will discuss how dominant cultural norms and values impact our mental health and overall wellbeing and guide us in skills to deepen our care for each other through both individual and systemic responses. 

Title: Trauma and Resilience for Equity Workers: 

This webinar will explore trauma and its unique impact on social justice workers. It will offer an opportunity to cultivate different strategies for resilience and sustainable engagement in systems change work.

Title: Moving Into Embodiment: An Anti-Racism Framework & Approach 

– Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections

This webinar will explore how to cultivate an anti-racist framework while exploring aspects of power and privilege both on the individual and structural level. It will integrate knowledge about trauma & the nervous system in order to help us move into sustainable embodied action and change. 

Title: Boundaries as Sacred

– North West Education Access 

This radically trauma informed workshop incorporates an anti-oppressive and anti-racist lens in understanding and setting personal and professional boundaries. 

Workshop Series: Cultivating Resilience in the Time of Coronavirus 

– City of Seattle Community Police Commission

Webinar Title 1: Cultivating Awareness

Exploring the stages of grief and loss, common experiences of grief and loss during COVID-19,   and providing psycho-education on emotions and techniques on how to embrace these.

Webinar Title 2: Crisis and the Nervous System

Exploring the nervous system, fight/flight/freeze response, the impact on our resiliency and   immunity, and the relevance to COVID-19 as individuals and systems.

Webinar Title 3: Trauma a Holistic Overview

Defining individual, communal, intergenerational and historical trauma and exploring ongoing   impacts on the individual, communal, and societal levels. 

Webinar Title 4: Cultivating Trauma-Informed Responses and Resilience

Cultivating a trauma response rooted in empathy, kindness, and generosity, building resiliency,   and promoting abundance mindset. 

Title: Community Engagement: Leading with a Trauma Informed Lens 

– NACOLE Conference

This workshop will guide the collective through trauma informed best practices and how they intersect with Community engagement; with a special focus on what we can expect and how to best prepare for post COVID engagements. Participants will receive strategies and process frameworks to begin engaging their own organizations, departments, and senior management on how to shift their engagement approaches and goals in a manner that honors, centers, and acknowledges the incredible impact COVID has had on the Communities we serve.