Supervision & Small Business Coaching

Supervision & Coaching Orientation:

As a clinical activist there is nothing that excites me more than being able to nurture and support fellow clinicians of color in both their personal and professional development and evolution; while also having a direct impact on the field of mental health, social work, and healing.

Our education and professional field have complicated histories, often deeply rooted in White supremacist capitalist patriarchy and settler colonialism, and having demonstrated a past/current investment in supporting the status quo and maintaining systems of oppression.

While it is an honor and a privilege to be a social worker, I believe that it is up to us, a new generation of healers, to know our field’s past, hold it accountable, while transforming the work and creating new approaches that are inclusive of us all. Our time together will hopefully prioritize this shift.

My approach to supervision and coaching is decolonial and liberatory. I practice a trauma-focused intersectional approach rooted in anti-racism and anti-oppression. I explore and interrupt traditional power dynamics. I incorporate an analysis of cultural and social structures and their impact on individuals, communities, and most importantly on our mental health and overall wellbeing as a collective. I incorporate a holistic focus and honor the mind, body, and spirit connection. Self-care, self-love, and self-compassion as well as community care and mutual aid are emphasized. Collective healing and resilience are also promoted. Intergenerational healing is also highly valued.

Topics that I enjoy discussing in supervision and coaching include the impact of oppression on our psyche and our work, imposter syndrome, respectability politics, money (capitalism) and our relationship to it, abundance mindset, empowered entrepreneurship, work/life balance, self care and mutual aid, and promoting our sustainability as healers. As well as clinical development and support, and case consultation.


Individual and group supervision and coaching.

Please send me a message or email if you would like to work together in re-imagining our work and our contribution.

I look forward to supporting you.